December 10, 2023

Blake Lively: a Louboutin in his name

Blake Lively looks even more annoying and enviable than his Serena character in the series Gossip Girl. The actress designated by the readers of Askmen as the most desirable woman of 2011 (they are not late, we have not had time to be noticed!) is paid a tribute by Christian Louboutin
The shoe Blake is a black court shoe laced with multicolored thongs ending with a black button, refined and bold.


The young star and future muse of Mademoiselle (new leather goods collection of Chanel) tells how this beautiful gift fell from the sky: "I went to the workshop Louboutin and I wandered (...). When I saw this pair of shoes I said, "I have never seen anything like it. »[Christian Louboutin] asks me, "Do you love them? ". I said, "I want to sleep with this pair of shoes under my pillow every night! He says, "So we call them Blake." That's crazy, it's my biggest achievement! "
According to Vogue English, Blake's day would have continued well since Christian would have made him a little tour in Paris, meet the editor-in-chief of Vogue to end up presented to Karl Lagerfeld who has consequently chosen as a Chanel muse.


The Louboutins in question should be available in the spring.

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