May 28, 2024

Blake Lively: her first missed hairstyle

The great blonde of Gossip Girl and also Chanel's muse, Blake Lively, is known for its Californian blondness. The actress would she had tired? Here it is yesterday evening at the "World's most influential people" party of Time Magazine in New York.
And oh surprise! The beautiful had changed her look hairstyle. Her angelic blond has given way to an orange red coloring ... which added to the turquoise of her dress, is not the most beautiful effect.

The celebrity hair are often mistreated by colors, brushings, hairstyles but why there is such a change?

The long hair of Blake Lively are unrecognizable: her pretty smooth lengths are curled here like a Barbie doll, her roots are not the same color as her spikes, as if the blond wanted to come back in strength, and flattened top is not very glamorous. A hairstyle to the Ariel the little mermaid missed ...

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