December 11, 2023

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Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

In a few words, not easy !!! Well, I will try !!! I am a girl with a small grain of madness who likes to cook as much as to have fun, what to do crazy things ... I have a little bit of imagination and I'm a bit gaffeuse ... In fact I'm a bit like Candy but Gaston Lagaffe version! A lot of blunders, a few tricks, mischief ...

Where does your passion for cooking come from?

She has always been present, but she has become more and more accentuated. I always saw my mother cook and do everything ... No ready meals or cakes bought at home! I bathed in jars of jam and canned house all my childhood, so I could not come out unscathed!

What made you want to open a blog?

To see others blogs... Every day, I watched what others were doing and I was admiring of some blogs... I was bored in front of the photos and one day I said that I too could drool others! I started and I do not regret!

Why this title, "Pleasure of Delicacy"?

Ah la la ... it's a secret that will only be revealed under torture !!! Go a hint anyway ... gluttony is not a bad fault but a nice moment of pleasure especially when you share it.



How would you describe this blog?

A bit of everything anyhow! Recipes and stories, moments of fun and sometimes rants ... I hope to give a good time to my readers and make them want to sit down!

How much time do you spend each day?

Much too obviously. Sometimes 30mn but most often a few hours!

What does it bring you?

Many things in fact ... The pleasure of writing, cooking, trying new products and new recipes, testing flavor associations, exchanges with people who have the same passion, even if they remain virtual for the most part. I'm learning a lot from this blog because it "forces me" to inform me about many things and not only about cooking. It's a portal open to the world ... It brings me much more than I would have thought starting ...

The photos of your recipes are really beautiful and mouth watering! Is staging important when photographing your creations?

The staging is rather restricted to me! As I have a very very basic camera, I do not really have the choice! No fuss and no accessories, I put on a plate and I go around in circles to get the best light possible, or I put the highest possible plate to have the sky in the background and the light do everything else !!! Moreover, this process can be dangerous because more than once, I found myself with a slice of pie on the corner of the nose ... It's a passion at risk!

The photos are always in close-up. Why this choice ?

Because these are the only photos that my camera can not hurt too much !!! I tested the staging with pretty doily and cup and frankly at home it's very ugly! And what's more, I like this impression of being able to almost bite into the dish in front of the screen.



What are your recipes (salty and sweet) fetishes? Can you introduce them to us?

On the salty side, the sweetbreads with champagne and St Jacques nuts just spent on the stove and flambéed. The sweetbreads with champagne because it is the first dish a little "chic" which I tasted as a child and I always kept a memorable memory. As for st jacques, it's my sin cute and more it takes 5 minutes to do! Otherwise Colombo is one of the salty recipes that I do most often and everyone enjoys.

Sweet side, the choice will be more complicated! but the recipes I make most often are the custard (very thick and firm and with whole farm milk !!!), the caramel spilled cream and the apple pies. Nothing really difficult and revolutionary, but they are sure values ​​that nobody gets tired of.

Which are the ones acclaimed by your readers?

The one that is the most visited is that of the quick chocolate breads (and it is also the most controversial!), The one of the custard, the one of softener and ramollinette and the soft one with almonds and cherries.

Rather basic recipes actually.




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