June 23, 2024

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When did your passion for Madonna start?

I grew up with Madonna without ever really paying attention, my generation was bathed by its many tubes. But I was really interested in Madonna at the age of 17 with the release of the title "Frozen", it is mainly thanks to the video clip that I hung first. I became more and more interested in her career and I have been close to her since that time. I started in a blog fully dedicated to Madonna in 2005.

What does it represent for you?

For me, it represents a perpetual renewal, it dares to cross taboos, change course and go where we do not expect it! She knows how to surprise and it fascinates. Madonna has become so quickly an icon, she proudly keeps her nickname "queen of pop" while revolve around her many princesses such as Kylie Minogue or Britney Spears. She seems to have such a desire, when she wants something, she gives herself every means to get there. Just look at how she sculpts her body at age 50, a daily workout of several hours. His character leaves no one indifferent, we love or hate, but in any case it arouses curiosity.

When and how did the idea of ​​opening a blog about her come?

The idea came to me in summer 2005, I surfed the net and I wanted to give my point of view and share my passion. I first opened a skyblog in September 2005 with the news-of-Madonna name already blog worked very well but did not offer many possibilities of evolutions in design or capacity for example. I opened this new blog via the platform of Over-blog a year and a half ago, where my regulars followed me. It takes time but the feedback is so positive that I do not see it as a constraint. I also opened a forum that is affiliated with my blog.


Why a blog and not a site?

For simplicity and usability! Indeed, I am a novice in computer science, it is really not my favorite field, I have evolved with time but I do not have the capacity to create and manage a real site, the technical parameters are too complex for me. Over-blog allows great flexibility and ease in its interface, while reconciling a domain name, which allows for greater SEO on the net. I will evolve surely in a new form or structure but for the moment I do not feel the envy. Madonna very well understood that the Internet was the new means of communication par excellence! Everything she does is often studied closely, and can circulate on the web so fast and thus create a huge internet buzz!

What are you going to feed your content?

Since I started the adventure Madonna, my sources are as varied as I am, I receive a lot of emails from French or foreign fans who send me their news, their photos, even their videos! This was the case recently during the tour. Otherwise I search on the web, on foreign sites, I am registered to the official fan club of Madonna (ICON) and thanks to its forum, the information circulates quickly. The sharing and the exchanges between fans, it is what is the strength of the fans of Madonna ! The network "Madonna"is very important on the web, with many sites, blogs, forums and galleries! An inexhaustible source that you can find elsewhere in the "links" part of my blog.



How much time do you spend there each day?

All this can vary a lot, there are several factors to consider. News from Madonna being often busy, it still requires special attention. But there are periods of calm, it allows to focus on something other than news, such as creating remix compilations, or contests ... I still think a lot of time but for Madonna we do not matter. It's a passion but I can reconcile my professional and personal life. This requires a tight organization that must be the case for other webmasters of blog or site on Madonna.


Are you alone in dealing with it?

I am alone in charge of blog full time but I am supported occasionally. At the moment it's Gael, a fan of Marseille, who has come to help me, but I do not forget the old ones like Patricio, Timothée, Sébastien or Pierrick who brought their personal touches on the blog, in terms of design for example and graphic creations.There is also Florian, who creates exceptional videos or Dino an Italian fan who creates very good remixes. A punctual help but very important for me because only it is hard to manage, so I take the opportunity to thank them all!

What is your best memory of the blog or what it brings you?

these are the meetings that I have been able to make throughout the years, recently during his visit to France, I was able to meet fans of Madonna and regulars from my site who came from Paris, Bordeaux, etc. ! Meeting and sharing is the most important thing for me. Read the thanks of the fans in the comments is always great fun because over time, they were able to check the strength of my news and I did not cross the barrier of privacy. Thanks to my blog, I was able to organize competitions with publishing houses or for example the French distributor of films of Madonna and so earn books, or movie tickets for fans. I'm also in touch with other media and webmaster to evolve the blog thanks to new partnerships.



Can you give us Madonna's news right now?

Madonna finished its tour on December 21st, it started last August in Cardiff to end this Sunday in Sao Paolo! She has just broken her own record and the tour is already the most lucrative ever organized by a solo artist and is expected to bring about $ 282 million to the group "Live Nation". In parallel, Madonna will leave the Warner this year, and will release a final record under this label, it will be a best of which must come out in the first quarter of 2009. 2009 will be a busy year with the release of the documentary it produces on the ravages of the AIDS in Africa: "I AM BECAUSE WE ARE" that I invite you to see in March at the cinema. There will also be the DVD release of the tour and its first film as a director: "Obscenity and Virtue".


A busy year in sight for fans, to watch closely on news-of-Madonna:


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