May 30, 2020

Blonde and shaved: the evolution of Jessie J's hair

It was discovered in 2011, with his first single "Do it like a Dude". In the clip of this title, Jessie J, British pop singer, appears wearing a short square, smooth and shiny, black raven, embellished with a straight fringe. This hairstyle will quickly become his trademark. She will be more faithful, for several years. Meanwhile, however, Jessie J experienced others hairstyles, with different lengths and different materials, sometimes alternating short and smooth hair, sometimes long hair brushed or curly. The changes, however, remained classic.

The ball to zero, for the good cause
Until March 15, 2013, during the Red Nose Day, English version of the Telethon, which takes place every year in the United Kingdom. On this occasion, the singer decided to ... shave her skull. An act she had already talked about a year ago. The goal here: to raise funds for the association Comic Relief, in charge of the organization of this event. "Shaving my hair was something I had promised for a long time and Comic Relief gave me the opportunity to try and raise as much money as possible for a good cause, by jumping on"said the singer, at the microphone of the television host, Dermot O'Leary, before adding:"I know that Red Nose Day lasts only one night but it's every day, every week, every month, every year, that these people are going through difficult times and they need us to help them. So I did not want to do something that lasts 5 minutes and that is fun, it will last a few months."




Platinum version
After this first metamorphosis, and not least, the singer Jessie J has tried a new hair experience, the day of his birthday, March 27 last. On Facebook, the 25-year-old has posted a photo montage showing her, shaved head and hair (at least, what's left of it) blond. The picture was accompanied by the following message: "Thanks to you for the birthday messages, I feel so happy now, I'm 25 years old!" Waaah #birthdaymadness #blonde". A hairstyle which is not unlike that of the supermodel, Amber Rose.

The shaved head is certainly very difficult to wear. It goes nevertheless rather well to the British singer, who remains always so beautiful and charming. And it is even more so, when we know the reason for such a change, namely, a noble cause.




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