March 26, 2023

Board games: with your friends

You will be able to play Defifoo in two ways: at home, with the box, or in a shop near you, at one of the many evenings organized by the creator himself throughout France, the third Thursday of the month (on www.defifoo .com).
You split into three teams (it is better that you are numerous): each turn, the first two compete against each other while the last referee. Then come the challenges: mime, drawing, speed, memory, address ... everything goes. You will have to find as quickly as possible ten objects of the same color in a room, or calculate the sum of the digits of a telephone number ...
The first team to win 7 challenges wins the game, but everyone is guaranteed, will have fun.
Defifoo, Gigamic, 19.90?

And also
For gourmets, lovers of good wines, bacchanalia opposes the senses of taste of all players, asking them to recognize grape varieties and vintages of some good bottles. The goal is not drunkenness, but knowledge.
Bacchanales, Sentosphere, 78? (from 18 years old)

Better to play roommates with very good friends. Because his goal is to make them dirty, multiplying agreements, betrayals and twisted moves. If you're not afraid of losing them, try a game ... and crush them!
The Colocs, Ubik, 19.90?

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