August 15, 2022

Body Massage at Store & Spa Guest Men

The spa : A little over a year ago, the spa Guest Men opened in the Parc Monceau neighborhood. Today, this place dedicated to the beauty and well-being of the opposite sex has made little ones and settled at level - 1 of the Printemps Homme. In a space of 75 m2, a real haven of peace in the middle of the madness ambient, the male can relax between two purchases and enjoy massage, care for the body and face or moments of beauty. The black and red design deco of the reception area and the two cabins is inspired by New York trends, just like that of the first institute. An urban and modern style in which the man will feel totally at ease.

Care : This treatment, a real moment of relaxation, is ideal for men in a hurry and under stress. He alternates effleurages, kneading, friction and percussion to overcome nervous tensions while stimulating the body. These fast and precise movements are associated with long enveloping movements on the whole body, palpations and pressures that will promote blood circulation and eliminate the last nervous tension. All in a fairly short time. After the treatment, the male is relaxed but not in the vapes. He is revitalized and can resume his marathon without problem.

I go, Massage Body, Store & Spa Guest Men at the Men 's Spring, Level - 1, 1 rue de Provence, 75009 Paris,, 30 mn, 50?