June 6, 2020

Bonnet, hat, beret, which one to choose?

The hat that suits you is the hat in which you feel good. There are certainly "textbooks" of morphology that want the big edges to emphasize the thin faces and the small edges the round faces.
The beret would be particularly good for long faces because it adds volume in the width. However, a hat is an accessory that must be appropriated and is very personal. Let us enlighten you more about what the creators have concocted for the winter.
The beret this winter is worn wool, often twisted and very large, halfway between the beret and the cap Oversized. It combines with a very chic and elegant silhouette, because this winter, it is definitely the feminine and the glamor that prevail over the casual that we put only small touches. The beret-cap is placed on the head so that no front hair protrudes and slightly crooked.
Side hat, we saw on the catwalks the male trend emerge. It combines with the wide pants, the long liberty dress and flat heels, like boots or ballerinas. We can even dare the borsalino, this gangster hat, which goes very well with the dress liquette.
Our advice:
When you have not had time to blow your hair in the morning, the hat is the perfect accessory to look beautiful and neat! Still, you do not have to remove your headgear ...

Bonnets and Berets - Product Review PB044 (June 2020)