July 10, 2020

Book: Erotic cuisine for naughty meals

You have planned an evening with your sweetheart, the "evening J" is fast approaching and you still do not know what you are going to concoct to your dear and tender? You want to be original and change the traditional culinary codes but you have no ideas and no one gives you ... No panic, we found for you the little book that will make all the difference. You will not be able to do without it to prepare a meal to your darling.
Erotic cuisine, the book title announces you the color of game entry. Lili the tigress, designer of women's clothing and Damien Gateau, sommelier and cook of exception gathered for an atypical duet which made us crack. She, woman to the tips of her nails, he, passionate about gastronomy ... the result: a nugget of gold to put in a precious corner of the kitchen.
The book Erotic cuisine take you by the hand and help you prepare an exceptional candlelit dinner. The authors give you all the keys to bring to your meal the naughty and sensual aspect that will amaze your companion. Each recipe is illustrated with tips that will make all the difference. On the program: 60 recipes with aphrodisiac ingredients and very evocative names, such as the "inverted reversing cream" or more daring ice "Nipples of Venus".


Here is a double page of the book Erotic cuisine with two equivocal recipes: oysters with caviar and white chocolate mousse that makes everything. We particularly like period calligraphy and the choice of aged paper.

If you are looking for a nice book for love meals, you know what you have to do ...
Erotic cuisine
Gourmet collection
Editions Stéphane Bachès
Price: 20?

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