August 16, 2022

Bourjois takes us to Miami with his South Beach Souvenirs collection

After the revival of the sixties, the ballad in Montmartre and the make-up style Aristo, Bourjois makes us travel again with his South Beach Souvenirs collection. A collection with summer colors, always happy and tart. This summer the spirit Bourjois is therefore directly inspired by one of the most famous cities of the American East Coast: Miami!

South Beach Souvenirs is a new trendy, easy-chic range specially designed for the beauty of nails and lips. On the program: three-dimensional manicures very arty, new vibrant colors for luscious lips and nails at the top!

So, the famous nail polish 1 second of Bourjois welcome two new shades in this Spring-Summer 2013: a bright blue and marine (In the Navy) and a turquoise green stack in the trend of the season (Turquoise Block). Always for nails at the top, the range South Beach Souvenirs focuses on manicure topping with very fine and colorful beads that come to rest on the nail for a 3D effect. Coral, lilac or blue malibu, guaranteed arty result! For those who prefer to play the discretion while focusing on originality, Bourjois also included a Dotting Tool, understanding a nail art tool to achieve thorough patterns. Weight, hearts, clouds ... as many possibilities as different styles!

Sour lips
Because in summer we like to play the card of seduction, Bourjois has thought of new fresh and vibrant hues for top lips and pop style. A very Miami Beach style! Thus, the brand's iconic 3-D glosses reinvent themselves to give birth to three new shades: Rouge Electric (for a perfect mix between red and transparency), Orange Energic (ideal with a nice tan) and Dynamic Rose (a flashy color for gourmet lips). And because in summer we know it's hot, Bourjois do not forget that hydration of the lips is essential. The Gloss Effect 3d is enriched with moisturizing and protective agents for a perfect shine with a real balm action.

It's almost like a beach in Miami! Thank you Bourjois !

South Beach Souvenirs (available from May 2013)

Manicure Topping: T01 Coral Bikini, Lilac Sand T02, T03 Maliblue, 11,95 euros.
Dotting Tool: 7.40 euros.
1 sided varnish: 23 In the Navy, 22 Turquoise Block, 25 Meli Melon, 10 Poppy Red, 9.99 euros.
Gloss 3D effect: 54 Electric Red, 55 Orange Energic, 56 Dynamic Pink, 53 Artistic Coral, 18 Transparent Oniric, 13.55 euros.

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