August 15, 2022

Breaking up: "Making the experience constructive"

What advice would you give to a woman who has just been released?
"First and foremost, you have to avoid flight, to consider radical changes like moving out, living on the other side of the world, or changing jobs is not a good idea." All these projects are in response to this. breakingit is not constructive: by choosing the escape, you avoid to question yourself. What is needed above all is to analyze the situation in order to better assimilate and understand it. Thus, you will take the opportunity to know you better and refocus on you. By saying to you "this is what I did wrong" or "that's why it could not have worked", you will have less difficulty coping with the void and more easily accept the departure of the other.

Finally, in a relationship, you fool yourself. Love goes beyond reason and makes you say "it's the man of my life". The breaking is difficult because it brings you back to reality and puts an end to all your common projects, but it's time to listen to your reason and accept once and for all that it could not have worked. "

How not to lose self-confidence after a breaking ?
"A breaking always wakes up anxieties and personal problems. "I'm too much like that, so that's why he left." Be patient, identify the problem and why it left you. This is the only way to mourn your relationship and not lose any self esteem. He also has his responsibility in the case! Do not keep the illusion that he's coming back, shoot him once and for all. If you can not cope, do not hesitate to be accompanied by a therapist. Some sessions could help you to accept this breaking and do not let yourself overflow.

How not to feel guilty when I leave him?
"The only real advice I can give you is to confront the other person, avoid at all costs to leave him in a" cunning "way, to leave things in suspense, clarify the situation face-to-face, give -the reasons for your departure, verbalize the thing rather than run away from it One: you will feel less guilty not to keep your commitment by leaving it Two: you will do him a favor by holding a candid, direct speech. also question yourself and accept your departure more easily. "

How to move forward after a painful break?
"First thing: do not isolate yourself and do yourself good, take charge, find new hobbies, let yourself be tempted by outings with friends, take care of yourself, your body. you have dropped some of your occupations and some self-fulfillment goals for him Take them back! Finally, do not put the cover back too quickly. Before you jump in with a new Apollo, make sure you know him. The goal is not to get stuck at all costs, take your time and avoid constant comparisons with your ex Why, because it's not constructive! "

Breaking Up (August 2022)