June 23, 2024

Breastfeeding, how to involve dad?

Often, thefeeding is a special moment between the mother and her child. It happens that the father feels sidelined and wishes to participate in this magical exchange. All our advice for him to live toofeeding.

Integrate or not the dad?
For the mother, breastfeeding her child is a very fusional moment that she just shares with her baby. Many husbands are sidelined and not included in the period offeeding. In order to integrate dad, some mothers decide to draw their milk. "For my first two children I did not do it for fear of hurting or not getting there" explains Noëlle Maniak. Like other women, this mother of four did not dare to draw her milk, perhaps for lack of information and explanation. For the following children, she changed operation: "Upon my return from maternity I decided to include my husband and took the time to draw my milk with a very easy-to-use manual device. " A method that allowed her husband to be able to give the baby bottle very quickly to the child and have a different relationship with them. Noëlle recognizes that the relationship established with the first two children is more distant than with the last ones: "I think the link is built from the momentfeeding. The relations are more fusional with the two last ones, for my two big children it is less obvious, the relations are more distant ".

What if we do not want to milk?
Nevertheless, some moms do not want to draw their milk. In this case, dad can participate in thefeeding caressing the child, talking to him or singing songs to him. The dad must give himself moments alone with the child (games, walk, etc.) to weave with him a strong relationship from birth. He can also bathe the child to establish an early bodily relationship with him. Finally, dad can play a food role by giving others baby bottles or, when diversifying the diet, preparing soups and compotes.

Breastfeeding And Dad | How Can Dad Help? | baby gooroo (June 2024)