September 19, 2020

Buttocks hell for summer: we put the fins for aquapalming

Ready to put on my Brazilian swimsuit to hunt for males on the sandy beaches this summer? Before fluttering on the beaches, a quick walk through the box "I take care of my butt" is needed ... Exfoliate, hydrate, muscle, these are the 3 commandments for helly buttocks this summer.

And that's where the serious things begin! "It's very difficult to strengthen the buttocks," says Jean-Christophe Blin, coach at the Factory *. "I know very sporty, dry women of the upper body, who do a lot of fitness but who can not lose their breeches. The fault of heredity, of bad eating habits "adds the coach, but if the buttocks are usually designated as the fleshy part of our body, they are also a region where different muscles meet.

I want to work the top of the buttocks => I opt for aquapalming

We put the minipalmes and direction the pool for 30 to 45 minutes of course depending on your level. We work the drawers, thighs and calves but also the endurance with this cardiovascular training devilishly effective. In addition, the contact of the water operates as a massage on the skin. At 2 sessions per week, you will see your skin softer, more elastic, more toned. And we say bye bye to the ugly orange peel!

* Thanks to Jean-Christophe Blin, coach at L'Usine, more infos on

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