April 17, 2024

Buttocks hell for the summer: the tips of the editor '

Stop guilt! We're not all Madonna, bodybuilding warriors, doped with endorphins and looking for eternal youth. For many women juggling between work, family life and girlfriends, find a hole in her schedule to sport is a miracle ...

For all those who still want to sport, but without seeming to, Jean-Christophe Blin, delivers his advice ...

In the office

Sitting on the edge of his chair, his back straight, we tighten the thighs for 30 seconds. We have 10 series and we start again several times in the day as soon as we have a little moment.

In the subway

Tight as a sardine against his metro colleagues, we do not always know what to do to pass the time, a little faster ... Easy! In tiptoe support, one stretches and one takes off the heels as high as possible. We follow the series. If it burns, it's good!

In the queue at the cinema

Legs slightly apart from the width of the pelvis, the weight of the body is moved from one leg to the other.

In the street

We can not tell you enough! Walking is about sport, provided you walk with a steady step, and pay attention to his posture while standing upright!

By car

Small tip to spend time in the car traffic jams, contract the glutes ... Anodine, this small gesture is very effective!


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