June 23, 2024

Bye bye cellulite, the benefits of hydromassage

What is it ?
As its name suggests, the hydromassage is a massage by the water. It is most often done with seawater or mineral, which allows to benefit from the benefits of massage and the therapeutic virtues of these waters. This specialty of thalassotherapy and balneotherapy treatments can also be practiced in spas. You can also enjoy a hydromassage at home with home amenities such as whirlpool, jacuzzi or massaging shower heads.

The different techniques
There are several types of hydromassage. The first is to direct a powerful jet of water towards the part or parts of the body to be treated. A little less toned, rains or showers. Standing or lying, we enjoy the benefits of thousands of drops that fall on our skin. Lazy people will prefer immersion in a bathtub equipped with nozzles diffusing air. This air will form swirls or bubbles for a whirlpool with the massaging effect. Last alternative: the diffusers of the bathtub do not send bubbles but jets of water which target certain parts of the body for a massage more energetic.

The benefits
Hydromassage is an incomparable ally in our fight against cellulite. It's a real killer of cellulite. It effectively boosts blood and lymphatic circulation in the massaged areas. However, at the origin of the orange peel, we often find problems of poor circulation, even if they are not the only culprits. This stimulating action will provide better oxygenation and promote the elimination of toxins for more efficient drainage. The pressure of the water on the skin will also firm the epidermis.

Passive hydromassage
Water sports can also benefit from the anti-cellulite benefits of hydromassage. Indeed, the back and forth of the water on the skin while it is activated will act in the same way as in a conventional hydromassage by attacking our orange peel. To fight the cellulite, so we dive for aquabiking, aqua gym, aqua running and all their derivatives.


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