August 14, 2022

Cancer Horoscope 2011 - Love

Cancer Horoscope 2011: your love destiny


First trimester : Lovers talented or filled companion, you will have these days the blessing of the benevolent planet Venus well aspected. Emotional fulfillment is promised and guaranteed. You will find extreme charms to your couple. If you live alone, the stars promise you a very important meeting. The one you meet will attract you irresistibly, arousing in you both a desire of rare intensity and deep feelings.

Second trimester : Big clouds could darken your conjugal sky, especially if you put your mind to make your spouse or partner jealous to spice up your union. Very quickly, indeed, the situation could escape your control. But if you show tolerance and understanding, calm will return quickly in your life together. Solitary duvets, you will have a soul of collectors these days. But you will remain dissatisfied and will look in the neighbor's plate by pitying yourself on your fate. But of course, "the grass of the neighboring meadow is always greener" (English proverb)!

Third trimester : No planet will have a direct influence on the areas of your theme related to love. This does not mean that you will be condemned to abstinence and sadness, far from it! Here are the gifts of Venus: rising charm, great joie de vivre, and fulfilling sensuality. Singles of both sexes should meet during the period and experience adventures quite intense but that will not necessarily be sustainable.

Fourth trimester : You will arrange to create a warm and very sensual atmosphere in your life as a couple. But your spouse or partner will have to react enthusiastically to your enthusiasm, otherwise you may be tempted to go for your pleasure elsewhere! Singles will be very satisfied with passing love affairs, flirtations without a future, which they will be perfectly right, because an affair begun now could only bring them inconvenience. The sentimental disappointments will be numerous these days!



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