January 16, 2022

Cancer Horoscope 2015 - Health

Cancer Horoscope: How will you be in 2015?

First trimester
It is imperative that you know how to rest when necessary. Of course, you enjoy a generally good health, but you have some weak points, which may cause you problems if you exaggerate. Gentle gymnastics, yoga or swimming could be for you the best relaxants possible at this time. You will need to calm down and relax. If you do not follow this advice, you may suffer from intestinal or digestive problems. Second trimester : Full physical and moral fitness will come back. You will study or work more easily, and make decisions with great clarity. Use this period to make good resolutions, especially in terms of food.
Third trimester : You will need to get some fresh air. If some work or obligations can wait, hand them over without delay. Take some rest, escape: you will be much more effective afterwards. In any case, slow down your pace of life and take the time to live.
Fourth trimester : No discordant aspects in your native Heaven these days. Make efforts to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. Do not go beyond reasonable limits: remember that "he who knows how to stop never goes down" (Lao-Tzu). It is possible that a sneaky allergy is at the origin of your respiratory troubles; do not hesitate to consult an otolaryngologist.

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