June 23, 2024

Cannes 2014: discover the cheapest dress in the history of the Festival

Dior, Versace, Chanel ... The biggest brands are invited each year on the red carpet Cannes, for the famous Cannes film festival. Costly outfits for an upscale fashion show. No star breaks the rule. Finally, except for one ... Barbara Probst, especially known for her role as Elsa in the Camping Paradise series, appeared Wednesday on the red carpet, dressed in a dress satin black, belted, from the Delphine Manivet collection for La Redoute. A piece that cost the modest sum of ... 179 euros. So far away, other outfits worn these days by celebrities, whose prices include several zeros.
The actress did not have to be ashamed of her accoutrement. Although very simple and classic, this little dress black was perfect (as well as being one). Wearing it, she was sure she would not make a mistake. Unlike other stars who have, they, spent thousands for an outfit that does not necessarily put in value. We think in particular of Irina Shayk and her dress yellow Versace. A little too much for the occasion.
La Redoute can in any case rejoice. The brand has offered an incredible publicity stunt! Pssst, girls, for those who would like to buy the small dress Black Barbara, enjoy it: she is currently -30% on the site. No, do not thank us, it's a gift.

Cannes on the French Riviera (June 2024)