January 16, 2022

Cannes Film Festival: behind the scenes of fashion houses

Cannes, its croisette, its rise of the steps, its evenings where the champagne flows, its stars ... Behind the rhinestones and the sequins, it should not be forgotten that Cannes is a vast market. International film market first, but also market for luxury brands and fashion designers.

Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Elie Saab, Versace ... luxury brands move into the largest hotels (Le Majestic, Carlton, Gray d'Albion, Martinez) for the Cannes fortnight. And if upstream, the most famous actresses come to choose discreetly their toilets for the climbs of the steps, it happens that fittings are done at the last moment.

In Dior, a press officer greedily recounts the memory of an actress who asked to change clothes at the last moment. "Panic on board but we always have spare clothes in case of change of program", explains the head of Dior. For the occasion, the house of avenue Montaigne who dresses about twenty actresses reserve a suite and take a hundred dresses!

The nightmare of any actress? See one of his rivals wear the same outfit. To avoid any odd, fashion houses make an exhaustive list of "who wears what", but no one is immune from a diplomatic incident

And if some stars are loyal to a house, like Isabelle Huppert and Chanel (Karl Lagerfeld has designed an exclusive model, the challenge for houses is to attract the good graces of the stars.) Small (or big) gifts, nothing is too good for actresses! her dress worn by a Sharon Stone or Angelina Jolie is the jackpot insured and publications (free) in magazines around the world.A media exposure for which the brands put the dishes in the greats.A suite of 200 m2 for such a house on avenue Montaigne, a couture dress offered ... gifts are multiplying and luxury brands are leaving the checkbook.

Faced with these big houses, the young creators arrive however to draw their pin of the game! The photo of Vahina Giocante in Vionnet in 2007 went around the fashion editorials and ensured the brand's notoriety!

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