May 28, 2024

Capricorn Horoscope 2015 - Ascending

Capricorn Horoscope 2015 - Your Ascendant!

Ascendant at Aries
: You will achieve prowess in your current fall work. All because you have been able to fully exploit your ideas and develop your creative imagination. On the other hand, your relations with your professional circle will be difficult, especially in May. Beware of misunderstandings and misunderstandings. Do not hesitate to put the points on the i to be sure that your message has been well understood.
Ascendant of Taurus You will know how to surround yourself with certain precautions to carry out the projects that are important to you. Do not fall asleep in a comfortable purring, a reassuring routine - or you'll end up getting bored, and discouragement or depression will come to visit you. Move, act, indulge in unusual or exciting activities, meet new people, etc.
Ascendant to Gemini There will be ups and downs, areas of luck and areas of tension. This means that your sense of adaptation will be very busy if you want to preserve your balance. Strive to be more open, more honest in your approach to people and things. Because it is not easy to deal with you: you are always on your guard! Ascendant at Cancer : You will most likely have problems in your professional life: dispute with a colleague, hostile attitude of a superior, deteriorating working conditions, or external fatality that may affect the business. Caution should be exercised: stay alert, refraining from any decision lightly.
Ascendant to Leo : From March to September, your energy will be increased tenfold and will prove your most valuable asset. It will only be necessary to avoid giving in to aggression, which will often point the tip of its nose. Also be sure to dominate your risk appetite. If you get into risky ventures, you run the risk of facing serious problems.
Ascendant in Virgo : With unexpected cash inflows in April and May, your material situation will be pretty good. You will also grow your resources. However, absolutely avoid lending money to one of your loved ones. Put some money aside even if you have some shopping to do for the house. Take a good look at your planned expenses, and you will see that you can reduce them here and there.
Ascendant in Libra : Your relationships with your children can often be rough. If they are teenagers, you will not feel on the same wavelength as them, and that will make you feel uncomfortable, especially during the summer months. Do not show yourself too harsh, you will have to resign yourself to watching your cherubs from afar.
Ascendant at Scorpion If you have a very free sex life, beware of partners you do not know well, because there will be a high risk of infection. But this is obviously a reason to drive you as an ascetic! If you are absolutely sure of your partners, go for it cheerfully. Otherwise, do not forget the condom!
Ascending to Sagittarius : Risks of frequent arguments with your partner for money matters. You will try to impose a savings scheme at home, but the other will refuse to do it, especially if it is a native of Aquarius or Libra. It will be necessary to find a compromise every time, but the task will definitely not be easy!
Ascending to Capricorn : In the work, the obstacles will not fail. But they will awaken your fighting spirit instead of discouraging you. However, serious conflicts with your superiors could well block the situation. Be diplomatic and flexible.
Ascending to Aquarius : The stomach and liver will have weaknesses, especially between May and September. This will not be incomprehensible since your greed and lack of common sense in food will have pushed you for a long time to excesses. Put yourself on a diet dieting from time to time for ten days, and everything will be fine.
Pisces Ascendant : You are able to appreciate the good dishes like fine wines. But do not let yourself go too much. Simple dishes could very well be your delight without bully your digestive system. Know that "the mouth kills more people than the sword" (French proverb).

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