December 1, 2021

Cara Delevingne: irresistible muse of the new Burberry perfume

The collection Burberry Body of the famous British luxury brand is expanding today, with the launch of a new perfume, baptized "Burberry Body Tender "This new fragrance, sparkling and delicate, combines freshness of lemon, English rose and white jasmine, for a smell both feminine and refined.

"Since its inception, the collection Burberry Body seeks to express the different characteristics of the girl Burberry. With Body Tender, we wanted to explore and bring out its softer and more playful facets by capturing this light femininity both in the fragrance and in the advertising campaign. Cara's natural beauty and flamboyant energy come alive alongside the sublime architecture of London, "said Christopher Bailey, General Director of Creation. Burberry.

The brand has indeed chosen the sublime Cara Delevingne, new it-girl to follow, often compared to the Kate Moss icon by the media, to embody this new fragrance. The young model, currently on the podiums of Fashion Week (see our slideshow: Fashion Week: Cara Delevigne on all fronts), is muse Burberry Beauty since 2011. She has often posed and parade for the brand. But this is the first time she appears in a campaign to perfume.

Speaking of campaign, the commercial of "Burberry Body Tender "has already been unveiled." Rosy image, voice throbbing singer Misty Miller on the title "Happy Together", fiery eyes of the irresistible Cara Delevingne, who is lying on large white cushions, the hair in the wind, and London decor, this video transports us to the banks of the Thames.



Cara Delevingne in the Burberry Burberry Body Tender Advertising Campaign GirlsFromMainStreet video selected in Female

Реклама духов Burberry Her (Кара Делевинь) Песня (2018) (December 2021)