July 12, 2024

Care to be beautiful during my pregnancy

Pregnant, our body, our skin, our hair is transformed. The hormones that work tenfold give effects that we want to either magnify or fade!

Any pregnant woman must guard against stretch marks as soon as she learns that she is pregnant. A good anti-stretch mark cream is required twice a day. It will prepare your belly skin, hips and thighs to stretch, avoiding cracks. To avoid too much stretch marks, it is important not to gain too much weight.

Your moisturizer habitual may no longer be tolerated by your skin, which has other needs, increased in water. Drink a lot and eat vegetable fats in reasonable quantities. For cosmetic creams, choose natural products, specific pregnant women and make masks twice a week.

You may have some pimples... And there is not much to do but keep a hygiene spotless and continue to moisturize with a non-greasy cream.

You may have some extra hair that will grow on your belly. Do not worry, you will lose them after birth. You can continue waxing, however, if you support it.

If you expose yourself to the sunProtect yourself with a hat and a full screen. You risk the pregnancy mask, these brown spots that disappear, certainly, with birth but are unattractive.

Relieve your legs thanks to fresh footbaths and the shower jet lukewarm. Use a non-alcoholic cream to deflate.

Relax as often as possible in a good bath and try to be massaged in institute or by your spouse as often as possible.
Our advice
It is not recommended when you are pregnant or breastfeeding to use essential oils because they can pass into the blood to the fetus and milk.