October 22, 2021

Carefully treat your hands in winter

Hands are particularly sensitive!
We forget it too often but our little mimines are particularly exposed to external aggressions (housework, chemicals ...) and the fall of temperatures does not help, quite the contrary.
The cold is ruthless with them! It turns them red in turn, withered or even chapped.
They suffer especially as, unlike the skin of the face, they have almost no sebaceous glands and are therefore very little naturally hydrated. So if you do not pay attention to them, it can quickly turn to drama! And hands that look gray or look 20 years older than you, not only can it hurt but it's really not glam.
Remember that hands, both in the office and with your darling, are often what you look first. So do not neglect them!
Start by gently cleaning them
Opt for a mild soap that contains moisturizing agents. And in these times of flu A where anti-bacterial solutions are legion, choose one that destroys microbes while cajoling your hands (SOS clean hands-Arnica Essential-Yves Rocher- 3.20 ?, soap scented cream rose-Roger & Gallet -14.60?).
Limit daily aggression
When you turn into a house fairy, protect your hands, thank you!
The gloves are in-the-blank. You will have no qualms about stripping them.
If you can not stand the gloves, use dishwashing liquid that does not hurt the skin.
Of course, as soon as you face the cold, to prevent your hands from getting crumpled, put on leather or fleece gloves to keep them warm.
Moisturize them!
So that your hands find flexibility and softness, nothing like a good moisturizer daily.
Take it everywhere with you and put it on as soon as your hands are tugging.
We advise you:
- Sanoflore's "hands and nails cream" with organic Lavender regenerating essential oil (9,90?)
- the "concentrated cream very cold" -Arnica Essential-Yves Rocher (6.40?)
- the "incredible hands cream" of Sephora (4? The tube of 50 ml)
- Shea butter hand creams from L'Occitane. They are all perfumes: frangipani, rosebud, Ylang-Ylang ... A delight for the senses! (6? The tube of 30 ml)
- the "Xerand Lipikar repair cream" from La Roche Posay (7,35?) Which reconstitutes the hydrolipidic film of the skin, without greasing.
- the "hand and nail cream, Dream of Honey, of Nuxe"(10.50?) Which is both restorative and protective.
If your hands are particularly damaged ...
We give them an express makeover!
Step 1: massage them with an ultra-moisturizing cream or a nourishing massage oil (Precious Massage Oil-Arnica Essential-Yves Rocher- 10,40?).
Step 2: After having pampered them, reapply the product on the hands and put on plastic gloves for the night.
And you will see on awakening! Miracle! Your hands will be rejuvenated during your sleep and they will be softer than ever.

How To Take Care of Your Skin in Winter (October 2021)