May 28, 2024

Carole Bouquet in love with her vines

"The Sangue d'Oro makes me dream ... When I put my nose in my glass, I'm in Pantelleria, where I find all the smells of the island in summer." Carole Bouquet is also attached to his wine than at his sunny home on this Sicilian island, close to Tunisia. Moreover, she gladly recalls that initially she settled there only to spend her holidays. But very quickly, on the advice of her friends, she decided to produce her own wine. "I bought a first plot, and I asked the seller, Nunzio Gorgone, to become my winemaker." That's how she started producing Passito di Pantelleria, wine syrupy yellow very popular in Italy.

The work begins
"I discovered the work at the chain when it was necessary to bottle the first harvest." Because the actress is absolutely committed to participate in the development of his own from the beginning to the end. "I have not changed jobs: I'm still an actress, but this wine I like it because I do it with my own hands. In the same way that I would not like a movie to come out with my name on the poster without me having the pleasure of playing there. "

A true amateur
It must be said that this passionate knows how to appreciate a wine in its entirety: "I appreciate the bottle as much as the smell and the color, I enjoy it with the palate, the nose and the eyes, and even beyond the pleasure of taste, I like wines for the good they do to the soul. "How then to describe his, the Sangue d'Oro, according to all these criteria? Let's start with his dress, from which he takes his name: it is yellow gold with amber highlights Its nose reveals smells of orange blossom, yellow peaches, dried fruit and notes of cinnamon.In the mouth, the balance of acidity is perfect.The verdict? wine is a marvel, whose many flavors explode simultaneously in the mouth.

Sincere compliments
On this island, producers are proud of their Passito di Pantelleria. Thus, when the mayor himself came to visit the actress, the gesture made sense. "He told me that my wine was very good ... and he did not believe it! I did not know how to take it ... It must be said that he had seen me go in an incredible galley. When I settled in, there was not even electricity! "

Know how to taste it
With only 10,000 bottles produced this year, the distribution is not huge. To taste it, you will have to go to the specialized resellers. Count then 42? for a bottle of 50 cl. And to appreciate it, you can, as Carole Bouquet, drink it as an aperitif, with Comté or charcuterie. At the table, among the recipes of GirlsFromMainStreet, the one that suits her best is, according to the actress, the pigeon lacquered with honey: "It marries especially with sweet and sour dishes."

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