April 10, 2021

Carrying her bag like Victoria Beckham would be dangerous for health

What is the common point between Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham or even Eva Longoria? They are modeuses to the tips of the nails and they all have the same mania: to wear the bag hand in the crook of the elbow.

Like these it-girls, you love to wear your bag hand to the crease of the elbow? According to a recent study published by a London psychotherapist, Samy Margos, wearing her bag in this way would be bad for health. Indeed, the risks of developing "localized pain in the shoulder or neck" would be important.

In recent weeks, some doctors have wanted to alert women against the dangers of this syndrome. Baptized "poshitis", with reference to Victoria Beckham and especially its nickname PoshSpice in the days of the Spice Girls, the fashion icon has obviously adopted a bad posture with his bag Kelly Hermes, his Balenciaga or Lady Dior are heavier than each other. The risk ? Wear in the crook of the elbow bag hand would weigh three times more than when worn on the shoulder. As a result, the syndrome results in inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder that can increase and sometimes cause tearing of the arm muscles ".

In order to avoid any risk, it is important not to confuse bag handbag and tote. Avoid adding books, magazines or other heavy items. Privilege instead bag handbag with a large shoulder strap so that it can be worn diagonally across the shoulder.


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