April 20, 2024

Cash check credit: the futuristic heel boot

From Victoria Beckham to Lindsay Lohan to the pope of Japanese Vogue Anna dello Russo, fashionistas have found a new cult item: the Walter Steiger heel, curved for a swaying gait and a devilishly sexy look. And if the original costs a whopping 760 euros (or more depending on the models and the skin), know that other creators have sniffed the trend and propose this winter boots at softer prices. Of Topshop H & M via Zara, the vertiginous heel offers a new form, futurism and original.

Cash: Boots Topshop, £ 120 on the site Topshop.com
Check: Coclico Capote, 255 euros
Credit: Boots Walter Steiger, 760 euros.

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