March 26, 2023

Cash Check Credit: the varnished croco pouch

The cover, also called clutch, has become an indispensable accessory. It is perfect for strutting in the evening with the minimum union (lipstick, credit card, mobile phone, keys) without being too cluttered. But it would be a mistake to believe that she would be content to accompany you to dinner or dance! Not the cover now wants a place of choice in the fashion landscape and seeks the principality held by the handbag. Little by little, she makes her nest and lodges, during the day, at the hand of all the fashionistas who respect each other.

Hence the importance of choosing it carefully. So that the pouch fits well with our outfits day and night, we fall for a neutral color: randomly, black. But not to pass for a low-end fashion designer we opt for a more racy texture than the simple leather: the patented crocodile. Result? A sharp accessory that will twister a basic tee shirt together and sublimate a little strapless dress.

It remains to choose for which clutch will we succumb ... The "very cheap" Boohoo? The "good compromise" Love Moschino ? Or the "terribly expensive" Jimmy Choo ?


Cash: croco way, 15 pounds sterling or 18 euros on

Check: Love croco way Moschino, 95 euros on

Credit: model "Tube" in crocodile Jimmy Choo, 825 euros

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