April 1, 2020

Catherine Zeta-Jones: We love her with her Jackie O

Mrs Michael Douglas, currently supported by the planet people because of her health concerns (Zeta-Jones Catehrine is bipolar), has a good career behind her - and surely also ahead. She has been seen playing sexy and classy roles with the greats. Her grace and great brown beauty made her look like a Latina bomba while the actress comes from Wales.

Here is the star, also singer and dancer (cf his performance in the movie Chicago), who is going on a swing with her husband, on a beautiful spring day, with a new haircut.

Catherine Zeya-Jones sports a pretty and provided square cut short, above the shoulders, with volume and ripples. His curly hair and disciplined by a VIP brushing sway at the discretion of the wind and reveal a beautiful hair, dark brown with slightly mahogany highlights.

This new square cut makes him a silhouette of lady to Jackie O, emblematic figure of the class chiquissime 60s.

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