January 24, 2021

Celebrity beauty: Katy Perry and Russell Brand, an extra (earthly) couple!

Already for the sartorial look, we wait for each appearance of the couple Katy Perry / Russell Brand. The singer and her hairy companion surprise us by their hairstyle !

Coming out of the ceremony of the MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid, lovers go to the restaurant to join their girlfriend Rihanna (she also very strong in the crazy style). We imagine the three friends dazzling their table neighbors in their flashy colors!

Katy Perry For a few weeks now, he has been enjoying the additions of colored locks in his black hair. Here the beautiful brunette sports long purple and blue-green locks cascading from a bun perched at the top of her skull.

A very drag queen look that Russell brand agrees with. The darling, who wears a shorter beard for a few days, catches up on the hair side with a very dandy curly brown mane.

What an extra ordinary couple! What do you think ?

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