June 23, 2021

Celebrity hair: I want Jessica Alba's headband

Her beautiful brown hair well attached, Jessica Alba plays with his daughter -futur canon of beauty like mamma- from where his head bent to watch his offspring. This young, blooming mother will always amaze us with her simplicity and extreme beauty.

Let's look at his hairstyle : the star, always at the top fashion side, is wearing a braided headband, a hair style back on the catwalks.

Here's how to style yourself like Jessica at home: draw a side stripe and weave the strands of hair close to the forehead, on the opposite side of your line or on both sides, depending on the desired effect: crown or half-crown .

Here Jessica opted for the braided half-crown, for a little more asymmetry in its hairstyle. You can braid your hair in braided simple or African.

Apply just a little before a little hair wax or structuring paste to bring matter and hold.

Bring your hair back to the nape of your neck. And here you have the hairstyle of Jessica Alba !


How to Recreate Jessica Alba's Trendy Side-Braid (June 2021)