October 25, 2021

Celebrity hairdressers: How are the stars behaving in front of their hairdressers?

The Caesar of the shyest actress is awarded to Catherine Deneuve : "When I met him, I was 23 years old at the time, I was so impressed that I did not dare to look at her, in fact what was funny was that she was even shyer than me ! She dared not meet my eyes and reassured me constantly saying that everything was perfect, "recalls Christophe Robin.

Caesar of the most professional actress is awarded to Diane Kruger: "I never tire with her, she is very professional, she knows exactly what she wants. We understand each other very well! She does not need to be flattered. And then she is sweet, beautiful, perfect! "Says David Mallett.

The Caesar of the most modest actress is awarded to Audrey Tautou : "Despite her status as an international star, she has always remained humble, well raised ... She totally trusts me, it's a real pleasure and it's a pleasure to work on her beautiful hair, "explains Madeleine Cofano.

The Caesar of the most demanding actress is awarded to Sharon Stone. As David Mallett explains: "With her everything is possible, she is able in one day to go from hairstyle natural to a hairstyle ultra sophisticated. I sometimes need ten hours to get what she wants. It even happened to him to ask for alterations in the evening. But she knows how to be super generous, one day she even sent me flowers to thank me, I was very flattered. "

Caesar of the most capricious actress is awarded to Faye Dunaway. "It's a real Diva! "According to Christophe Robin.

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