August 2, 2021

Celebrity tips

A tonic tip from Ingrid Chauvin:
If the night was too short, the alarm is more difficult than other days, I use the great means: I take an ice cube and I pass it on my face: wake up assured, and it really gives me the fishing !

An anti stress trick Nathalie Vincent:
To remove fatigue and stress, I go to the hammam once or three times a month with my mother, my sister or my girlfriends. It changes you a woman!

A purifying tip from Diam's:
Eat chocolate, hum hum ... It seems that it's good for morale!
More seriously, I make a clay mask from time to time. Purifying effect guaranteed!

A well-being tip of Carole Rousseau:
To relax in the evening, I take hot baths with coarse sea salt. I also like to add candles and music for the atmosphere. I am also a follower of essential oils. Finally, I try to drink a lot of water and green tea.

A beautiful skin trick of Nâdiya:
I drink a lot of water, I hydrate my skin (3 to 4 times a day), I play sports to eliminate toxins, and from time to time, I practice a body scrub.

The beauty secret of Karen Mulder:

Sleeping, drinking lots of water, eating well and doing a facial treatment from time to time.

A tip from Karin Viard:

To straighten a look a little falling (this is my case), a makeup artist advised me to extend my blush from the top of the cheekbones to the tip of the eyebrows.

The beautiful skin tricks of Adeline Blondiau:
I make peelings very regularly to have a beautiful skin. I eat healthily. I drink only good wine and in moderation. I do not smoke ... After a day of shooting, nothing better than a decongestant lozenge for the eyes of the brand Talika.

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