July 5, 2020

Cellu reverse 14 days of Elancyl

This slimming cream applies every morning to fight the cellulite inlaid with belly and waist. First, she deals with cellulite to prevent fat storage. Then, the wrinkle cream increases the firmness of your skin to finally drain your body through massage. Efficiency visible from 14 days which will be reinforced at 28 days. It is also suitable for young mothers.

Tested by Laurence

- usage time : 14 days
- areas to treat: belly and waist
- First impressions :
This slimming cream is fluid, green and spreads very easily. It leaves no greasy feeling and does not color the skin, which we might fear when we see the color. The pump bottle is very practical. No particular smell.
- In use :
Alas, as with all these products I have not seen a real difference. The most pleasant, is that having to be rigorous in the application of this slimming cream, for my part every night, made me very soft skin The massage side is not negligible either. It can only do good in the stomach. We always say that we have to knead cellulite for her to leave more easily. I admit that I do not have either 10 kg of fat to lose, at most a little belly that I find rounder than before. So maybe I lost a bit, but it's too small to see it with the naked eye!
- a note: 6/10

Useful information :
Price: 23, 60?
Points of sale: in pharmacies and parapharmacies

Elancyl Cellu Reverse (July 2020)