April 17, 2024

Change your head on a whim!

Tips for changing your head without taking risks
The idea is to initiate a non-definitive change, to avoid regretting it. Guillaume's ideas:
- The Brazilian smoothings not Japanese, which relax and smooth but are less radical than the Japanese who brings real chopsticks in the long term
- The highlighted sweeps, in creping for a light result which will give the idea of ​​the color after the return of sun, without being too marked
- To shorten, work a gradient as an intermediate step before a change that will take a long time to push back in case of regret, to go from long to short, as for the bangs.

Questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge
- To look well in the mirror at home, and to study the wearing of head and the shape of the face with the hairdresser, opposite but also in foot, to see the relation with the rest of the body
- Imagine yourself with your loved ones, working with your new head to anticipate reactions.
- Check that the desired style matches yours: if it's style that you want to change, is it really on the hair that must be done?
- For the color, a total change is anticipated by trying a wig: one can not simulate otherwise how the color will go with the carnation ...

Not to do
- Copy trait for trait a trend, a color or a cup seen in a magazine
- Trust a hairdresser who says yes to everything: a good hairdresser in front of a total change of head is often led to reorient or say no.
- try to make yourself jump into the void, be it cut or color: after it is very hard to catch up, even to go from a chestnut to a black, a color at home can be a disaster! Be careful of the color chart which is not necessarily reliable

To choose your cut
- Choosing a good hairdresser, going to a salon that has a good reputation, and not in a low-end brand that makes standardized cuts at the chain. A good hairdresser should have time to spare and he will take it during a discussion, especially if it concerns a change of cut. We must be able to even take appointment only to talk about it.
- To see oneself as one is: the choices are often bad because one does not see oneself as one is (big face, pointed chin ...). It is necessary to take the opinion of his relatives because one rarely sees his own morphology, his neck etc ... and that the hairdresser makes according to these details.
- Remember that a cut can be fashion and not go: it will be successful on someone because it suits him, not because it is fashionable.

Choose your color
- Unless you have a very stylish style and assume it, the idea of ​​a color is to be as natural, as it does not show. Avoid too extreme colors if the look does not follow.
- Take into account the complexion of the skin: a complexion with redness will look sick with a light blond, as a very light skin will come out with a dark color that will then give an artificial impression. Bet on the nuances: honey, chocolate, copper etc ...
- Think about the consequences of a radical change, the maintenance, as for example having to redo its roots, to the evolution of the color like the wicks that turn yellow when we have faded from brown to blond ...

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