June 5, 2020

Charlize Theron sensual in the new ad J'adore Dior

Mesmerizing. Dior has unveiled the new advertising campaign of its very famous perfume J'Adore Dior, which stages Charlize Theron. In this video, the actress travels through the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles, with the title background Hey Now from the London Grammar group. She ends up climbing a scarf with disconcerting assurance, before declaring: "The future is gold".
Charlize Theron is wearing a split golden dress, which lets one glimpse her pretty figure. The clip was directed by Jean-Baptise Mondino, who had already collaborated with the brand in 2006.
And the least we can say is that the 39-year-old actress did not take a ride. But let's be reassured, like all women, Charlize Theron has small complexes. She herself has confessed to Figaro. "Exploring an idea of ​​women through these Dior campaigns is fascinating, it is not such a superficial approach, it is also asking a fundamental question: what is a woman? Celebrating beauty, to understand, to explore it, to fight it at times.We all know that we go through ups and downs, that we feel more or less beautiful according to the circumstances of life ".

Charlize Theron Alucina En El Nuevo Anuncio De J'adore De Dior (June 2020)