February 29, 2024

Cheryl Cole for X Factor: what's this hairstyle?

When we participate in tele-hook X Factor, do not laugh: stars shovel, hysterical fans screaming to death as soon as the jury arrive ... This was the case on Sunday, May 8 in Los Angeles when the stars arrived at the cast.

And as VIP, the sexiest juryman in Britain, Cheryl Cole. But ... what did she do to her hair? His beautiful long hair always ready and well coiffés are gone in free style! In reality, this hairstyle inspired by the 1960s has grown in volume.

Crazy crazy crazy scrubbing, volume pushed deep into the balloons, Cheryl Cole had a mummy worthy of the disco singers! The beautiful who likes to wear star hair lacquered, brushed, colored, accessorized, the absolute modeuse -with Victoria Beckham- she would have a little too forced on the hair dryer and lacquer?

Hot Hair Like Harry - The X Factor (February 2024)