May 28, 2024

Chic style

The style chic is the fashionable look par excellence. But it is above all your originality that will make you a glamorous and sexy woman. Your primary goal will be to have an irreproachable and unique look at once!
You must be very attentive to the subjects and favor noble materials such as satin, fur or angora. Your colors will be cream, bronze and black.

In the evening, you will choose a dress with a V neckline, or a dress ultra sophisticated bustier cut. The effects of style and material will be your best assets to appear chic.

The bohemian chic style will be ideal to walk nonchalantly on the beach. You will be able to resume and divert some fashion codes. For example, a marine print top made of natural material will be particularly chic worn with a white and glamorous mini shorts.

But beware, here the accessories are important ! Whether you are Glam chic or bohemian, do not hesitate to wear a pearl necklace, a wrist warmer or a bolero, depending on the circumstances.

Our advice
For the budget, the secret of a style chic is to dress a dress simple black with a beautiful jewel or an original accessory!

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