June 2, 2020

Chicken terrine with Florida grapefruit and tarragon

Preparation time: 45 min
Cooking time: 3 hours + 24 hours of refrigeration

Ingredients for 6 mini terrines:

Material: 6 mini terrines
1 farm chicken,
4 carrots,
1 shallot,
4 cloves of garlic,
1 onion,
4 leeks,
50 cl of dry white wine,
3 grapefruits from Florida,
1 bunch of tarragon,
2 cc of fleur de sel,
mill pepper,
a handful of coarse salt,
2 cloves,
3 sheets of edible gelatine.



Peel carrots, leeks, onions, shallot and garlic. Pierce the onion with cloves. Cut carrots in half and leeks into 10 cm long pieces, tie together in bundles.

In a large Dutch oven, cover with vegetables and chicken. Add white wine, cloves of garlic, half a bunch of tarragon, a handful of coarse salt and a turn of pepper from the mill. Cover and bring to a boil, then lower the heat and cook for two hours.
When the chicken is cooked, drain it and let it cool slightly. Then on a board, cut it out, remove the skin and detach the flesh from the carcass.

Meanwhile, let the vegetables drain. Then cut the carrots into sticks and the leeks into sections the same length as the carrots. Book.

Filter the broth. Put the gelatin to soften in a little cold water. Then wring it out.
Put two ladles of broth on the fire with the drained gelatin. Let the gelatin melt for two minutes, then cut the heat. Book.

Peel the grapefruits live and collect the supremes (segment without skin)
Transparent film shirt the six mini terrinesplace tarragon leaves aligned at the bottom of each.
In each of the mini terrinesalternate the layers of food. First a supreme of grapefruitthen pieces of chicken, carrots and leeks. Renew until filling each container. Add tarragon and cover with broth and gelatin mixture. Fold the transparent film on the top.

And place the mini terrines in the refrigerator all night.
The next day, unmold the mini terrines by pulling on the transparent film and add some tarragon to decorate.

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