April 20, 2024

Child health: a program for parents

But how to initiate a child when parents, themselves, ask questions about oral prevention, balanced nutrition, dietary diversification, prevention of accidents of everyday life, dyslexia, obesity, sleep, etc. Parents need advice on vaccination, breastfeeding, first teeth, etc. These tips are highly anticipated by young parents.

Being a parent is a daily learning

From early childhood (from birth to six years of age), the parent-child relationship and lifestyle habits family are important. The daily is a real obstacle course for parents and young children. Here are some examples !

- Balanced diet : there is a slight decline compared to 1999/2000 but 12.1% of 5-6 year olds remain overweight and 3.1% of them are obese.

- Oral hygiene At age six, 7.5% have decayed and untreated teeth. Children must quickly acquire good oral hygiene habits through a visit to the dentist. This figure rises to 13% among children who eat so-called sugary drinks daily according to a study of children's health in kindergarten section in 2005-2006.

- View : Parents must drive the child (ren) to the ophthalmologist. At six, one in seven children wear corrective lenses.

- Accidents of everyday life : every day in France, 2,000 children from 0 to 6 years are the victims, according to the National Cell of Observatory of the Accidents of the Current Life and the National Institute of health watch. 30% of the causes of under-4 mortality follow life-threatening accidents.
In 2009, 28% of these accidents involved children under 9 years of age. These accidents occurred mainly in the child's home, with 81% of accidents for children under 4 and 42% for children aged 4-9. They are the direct result of falls for 59% under the age of 9, according to the French Institute for Health Surveillance 2010. If 20% of the French population performed emergency procedures, it is estimated that 10,000 lives per year could be saved .

Good habits from an early age

Do not we say "prevention is better than cure". Prevention remains the best solution to all these risks. Mutuals Mutuelles Harmuelles, which count among members nearly 192 000 homes and nearly 246 000 children under 6, have understood. They decided to launch a program "Your child's health"next october.
This program will inform, train, prevent and accompany members. Thanks to this program, mum and dad can also exchange and meet early childhood professionals. Each member is invited to give his e-mail address to benefit from the entire program. From the birth of the child until the age of 6, he will receive regular information around:

- regular health benchmarks (vaccination, vision, hearing, compulsory exams, awakening activities, language, etc.)

- Health Appointment to train parents in the right way and prevent accidents around four main themes: zero caries target, balanced diet goal, childhood and first aid workshops that will allow parents to be trained in pediatric emergency procedures and parents' appointments.

Harmonie Mutuelles also assists parents by giving them legal advice on:

- The structure of the family
- The maternity
- The status of the child
- Family benefits
- The reception of the young child

Mutual Harmony does not stop there. It also offers:

- medical advice who answers questions in the following areas: new treatments, side effects, interactions between medications, specific diets, vaccinations, dietetics or childcare.

- un relay to services of the person by providing free phone numbers for personal service structures. Some services cover different areas of everyday life and health: family, health, vaccinations, dietary, moral support ...

- benefits in case of hospitalization of more than 24 hours or hospitalization maternity more than six days. These benefits are:

A home help service (for cleaning, shopping, meal preparation ...) of up to six hours and can be extended to ten hours in case the beneficiary has a dependent child of less than 10 years old.

The organization and management of childcare at home during hospitalization with support for the transportation of children to and from school or if the beneficiary so requests, taking charge of the trip children by train to the home of a close relative or transportation from and to the home to look after the children.

Home care for dependent people living under your roof or transport to a family.

The organization of the accommodation of a loved one at your home during hospitalization and pet care.

- Benefits in case of sick or injured beneficiary child 

The care of sick children at home allows the member to ensure his professional activity in case a child is sick or injured.

The coming of a loved one to keep the child sick or injured. The latter receives a return ticket to allow him to go to the bedside of the child

The "home school" benefit is made available to the child who is immobilized at home or in the hospital in case of illness or accident.

The organization and care of the care of other children under the age of 16, support for the return transportation of other children under the age of 16 to relatives or transportation to and from a close friend to the recipient.

Finally home help, in case of hospitalization of more than 24 hours of the beneficiary child under 16 years.
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