October 25, 2021

Child health: bites of insects benign or dangerous?

The majority of insect bites remain benign in France but the proverb "Prevention is better than cure" must be applied to the rule during the summer season. Because these bites can be dangerous if the child is allergic or stung around the throat and in the mouth.

When the bites are located in the throat or in the mouth, you must react quickly by consulting a doctor. In case of edema, swelling, intense itching, breathing difficulties, signs of infection or feveryou have to take the patient to the emergency room.

When we say "it's not the little beast that will eat the big" is true but the little beast (mosquitoes, bees, wasps, horsefly, chiggers, spiders, ants) can seriously upset the holidays that were announced yet nice. Here are some tips, such as focusing on prevention and getting a good first aid kit.

Mosquitoes usually wake up when the sun goes down. If you are dining out, families should have candles with lemongrass or basil, aromatic herbs. To avoid bites, the whole family must brush with repellent lotion and provide appropriate clothing: pants and long sleeves. For the cradle of your infantit is better to put a mosquito net. Despite all these precautions, the mosquito bitten. What to do ? A soothing anti-inflammatory cream will soothe irritation, reduce itching and prevent scratching.

Bees and wasps often fly over the summer tables or come to put their "trunk" in our picnics and snacks in the open air. These beasts are indeed attracted by jams, compotes and sweets. In case of sting, the sting must be removed with tweezers or a venom pump, disinfected with an antiseptic. Then, it is necessary to soothe the pain with fresh water (for example) then to apply an anti-inflammatory and calming cream. A bee or wasp stings only once and the sting is often painful.

The horsefly is a sucking insect that is near large animals (horses, cows ...), streams or swimming pools. In case of sting, simply disinfect. If the child has pain, give him paracetamol.

Ticks and chiggers love bushes, shrubs and grasses. To avoid tick bites, cover your lower legs. In the case of a sting, remove the tick and then disinfect the wound and go to a doctor if fever. The main complication of tick bites is Lyme disease.

As for the chiggers, their bites are irritating and painful. They cause red patches that nestle in the folds of the limbs, groin, knees, elbows ... The chiggers settle on the skin and stay there to feed on blood. To calm irritation, apply a corticosteroid cream and take antihistamines. Do not forget to see a doctor.

Spider bites can cause significant symptoms (headaches, discomfort ...) and inflammatory reactions. Disinfect the wound and apply a little ice. On the other hand, the biting of some tropical spiders can lead to serious complications. Therefore, emergency care is essential.

In all cases, consult a doctor or pharmacist if in doubt.

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