November 30, 2021

Child health: how to prevent insect bites?

Your baby can be bitten by an insect. Rest assured, most often these bites are benign unless your infant or your child is allergic. How to prevent insect bites? Here are some precautions to take:

- Apply on your skin a gel, a spray or a solution, which repels the insects. For the babies and small children, the use of these products requires special precautions. Medical advice is therefore preferable.

- Install a mosquito net over all beds and be especially careful to protect infants who have more fragile skin.

- Some smells (tomatoes, geraniums, mint ...) are able to repel these annoying insects.

- Have electric insect repellent devices that spread a chemical and then repel insects.

- Do not hunt bees and wasps with big movements. Stay away without running.

- Avoid eating or drinking sugary foods or drinks outdoors. During a picnic, think of placing a container filled with a sweet food or meat away. Insects will be attracted by its smell.

- Do not use perfumes or perfumed cosmetics.

- Do not walk barefoot in the grass.


- Do not put the sunbed baby directly on the grass.

- Do not ask baby on the floor without cover.

For more information, we invite you to consult a doctor or pharmacist.

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