October 4, 2023

Child health: keep an eye on his sight

What else do you have to do? A point about his health and especially his sight. That he is at theschool in the nursery school or primary school, it is important to check it and make regular checks of visual abilities. ASNAV has therefore decided to raise parents' awareness by reminding them that it is important to control the sight of a child.

Throughout his schooling, his eyesight will be severely tested. Theschool indeed requires great visual abilities for both reading and writing. On the benches of theschool90% of learning involves vision. It is therefore important to have children's eyesight checked to prevent them from being penalized because of a visual disturbance. But you are not an ophthalmologist. You are only parents. So how to detect eyestrain, for example? The National Association for the Improvement of the sight brings you some lighting ...

When is it necessary to be alarmed? What are the signs ? The sight of a baby evolves quickly but this evolution is normal. Dad and mom must therefore respect the screenings recommended in the health book particularly in the 9th and 24th months.

Some warning signs to help parents:

The child is born prematurely.
- A white glow appears in his pupil.
- There are cases of strabismus in the family.
- The child refuses to scribble, is not interested in puzzles or other visual activities.
- The child is clumsy, bangs often or always on the same side.
- He frequently blinks, frowns, has red eyes that sting or cry.
- He has headaches or neck pain.
- He always looks on the same side.
- He is distracted at the end of the afternoon.
- He confuses certain letters.
- He draws, writes or reads his nose glued to the notebook, he sometimes loses his line reading and re-read twice, he draws or writes sideways.

Did you know ?

Every year in France, approximately 166,000 children are born with an eye problem. At the age of 4, one in seven children suffers from a visual anomaly that can of course handicap him in his daily life and slow his learning.
About 400,000 are ametropic (myopic, hyperopic and / or astigmatic) and 70,000 have organic legions.
And that's not all ! 3.8% of children have amblyopia, that is to say, an eye penalized during its development and whose visual abilities are much lower than those of the other eye. Is that bad ? Treated before two years, they will recover a normal vision, between 2 years and 6 years, they will recover only 25 to 50% of their vision. After six years, it is already too late because the loss of vision is irreversible.

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