October 25, 2021

Childbirth: 4 relaxation methods to be Zen on the day

Prenatal singing

Thanks to the vocal vibrations of the song, the mother communicates with her baby and lowers his stress level. The muscles of the pelvis and the perineum relax particularly at the moment when the bass sounds are emitted. Finally, singing allows the future mother to learn to breathe better and breathe.



This method allows the pregnant woman to project at the moment T when she gives birth. Visualization of the?delivery acts as an anti stress and lowers the anxiety of the mother to the extent that it has the impression that the?deliveryhas already occurred. It gains confidence thanks to this exercise of anticipation. The work on the breath and the breathing, one of the key elements of the sophrology, is also fundamental to help it to decompress.


L? Haptonomy

It's about communicating with your baby through caresses at the belly. The mother feels so in osmosis with her child, she soothes and relaxes at the same time because it establishes a bond of trust and complicity between them. Dad can also participate in this exercise, which will also help reassure the mother who will feel all the more sustained.


The "Bonapace" method

This method combines acupuncture without needles, massages and breathing exercises. She teaches the mother how to handle the stress of D-Day. She requires the presence of the dad who plays an important role. At the time of the contractions, the dad must know the 8 points to press to reduce the pains; this is the acupuncture part. He is also the one who must give him massages; he learns indeed to massage the lumbar to reduce his suffering. As for the breathing, the mother memorizes a series of exercises to concentrate on her breathing so as not to focus on her pain on the day of the?delivery.


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