May 28, 2024

Childbirth: Do dads have to attend?

How? By being present during the ultrasounds, by attending the preparation courses for thedelivery, preparing the children's room and also choosing the first name of baby. But does the future dad have to attenddelivery with his wife ? It's an intimate choice! Thedelivery is certainly a happy event but it is quite natural that some dads dread the vision of blood, the sex of their wife dilated or an episiotomy. To learn more about episiotomy, click here.

To be there or not to be there, that is the question!

What to do ? The dad must first discuss it with the future mother or even with a doctor or other dads who have already experienced this experience. He must tell them the real reasons (fear of being useless, of not being up to the task, of dreading the sight of blood, medical acts ...). To attend the birth of his child has aroused in many dads of admiration and respect for the courage of the mother. But other dads had the feeling of being too much, of not being in their place. According to some fathers, these scenes have subsequently disrupted their sex lives.

Despite the advice and discussions, some future fathers still have doubts about their presence at the time H. And these doubts must be respected. Because there are also compromises such as staying with the expectant mother during the work phase and going out at the time of expulsion or conversely find it at the last moment to avoid storing too much stress. If the future dad refuses to attend thedelivery, the look of those around him should not be accusing. And there is no reason to feel guilty: it's better for a serene dad in the waiting room than a future family man panicked in the bathroom. birth.

Dad can also prepare himself in different ways. How?

-In participating in meetings organized in the maternity. They make it possible to meet other men who have already been there.

- By getting to know the body of his wife who underwent transformations during the pregnancy by massages, caresses, words addressed to the baby.

-When attending preparation sessions atdelivery with his wife. The midwife will describe the major phases of the birth. The future dad can also meet and exchange with other fathers

It's a joint decision of the couple!

Know gentlemen that some women will prefer the presence of a mom, a friend or simply they will want to be alone with the medical team. In this case, the choice will be made quickly!
If a caesarean is planned or must be done urgently, the dad will have to stay in the corridor of the maternity during the duration of the intervention.

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