August 14, 2022

Childbirth: the small evils of the period of the suites of diapers

Indeed, your body must recover slowly but surely. You will have to deal with small ailments like diaper suites. What is it ? The point on this post-natal period rich in physical and psychological upheavals.

What are the diaper suites?

This is the period betweendelivery and the appearance of the rules (return of layer). It lasts about six weeks. On the other hand, if the young mother gives breast to her baby, the return of diapers is delayed and occurs after stopping breastfeeding.

Immediate after-effects occur after childbirth

They correspond to two hours after the birth of baby. During the period of the suites of so-called immediate layers, baby and mom stay under surveillance in the birth room because there are many risks. The doctor and midwife regularly check that the mother's uterus is contracting well. Otherwise, there is a risk of bleeding. They must also monitor the state of the losses, the blood pressure, the expulsion of the placenta and feed the baby. The medical team will also make stitches if necessary.

You can breastfeed or give him the baby bottle. The sucking reflex of your baby is the strongest in the first six hours. Did you know ? After about two hours of monitoring, there was no complication. So you can go back to your room. During your stay at the maternity, the midwife will help you to make your vulva toilet to monitor your uterus, your losses and your stitches in case of episiotomy for example. Discover the true / false episiotomy by clicking here.

Later diapers

They result in bleeding called lochia. They can be abundant especially after a cesarean or multiple birth. The color and odors of these more abundant bleeding during the first few days will be monitored to verify that there is no infection. They last ten days before disappearing after two or three weeks. FYI, these bleeds are red the first days then become pink and brown and lighter. If these bleeds last longer than three weeks and give off a bad odor, consult them.

The small evils during the period of the suites of layers

On the psychological level, you will most likely experience some bright but perhaps depressive periods. You will feel overwhelmed by the events. On the physical level, you will feel a lot of fatigue, especially pain in the joints, arms and cervical and small ailments: constipation, feelings of engorgement of the breasts, pain around the nipple, backache, hemorrhoids or leaks urinary. These ailments will gradually disappear but you must consult the doctor if you are not sure.

And then there is the return of layers that corresponds to the return of the rules.

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