November 25, 2020

Childcare: a child's plate to learn how to eat

A concept 2 plates in 1

The first age plate : cleverly equipped with an inclined bottom and inner edges, it makes it easier to collect the puree and scrape the spoon. To entertain the toddlers, this plate has a stylized frog head.

This plate, 0% Bisphenol A, also has an airtight lid that keeps warm food, transport or store the three cutlery provided.

A spoon for mom, a spoon for dad ...

The second age plate it has a double compartment and is used in all circumstances. It helps the child to become independent over time and its hermetic cover allows to take it everywhere even on a picnic.

The Deli Box from Badabulle is sold with three ergonomic cutlery, with an optimal grip thanks to their round ergonomic handle and wide.

The Déli Box exists in green / blue / gray or red / orange / green. Well thought out and resistant, all these accessories are microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

The recommended retail price is 15 euros.

These accessories are on sale in large and medium food surfaces.

A Healthy Start for Children (November 2020)