June 13, 2024

Childcare: moms seduced by a new baby bottle

The French brand has launched a bottle designed for newborns and this bottle has a name: BIBOZ. This product is innovative both in its use and its design. The health of a child is very important. That mothers of family be reassured all Béaba products are BPA free. This baby bottle for infants was designed to make life easier and brighter for mom and her baby.

Products all more innovative than each other
The BIBOZ bottle has an innovative three-speed nipple. The pacifier has a variable flow rate depending on its orientation. It adapts perfectly to the needs of baby. The pacifier opens only at the time of sucking. This system allows baby to swallow and breathe in peace.

It also has an anti-colic valve that has the lowest level of priming. The air enters the bottle creating a depression significantly reducing the risk of colic and fatigue of baby. This bottle is made of natural silicone! Natural and warm, this material is free of any presence of bisphenol A.

Finally, the design is ergonomic and practical. It has been designed for a completely intuitive handling thanks to its semi-rigidity. Its flared shape has been studied for easy cleaning. It also has a leak-proof cap.

This baby bottle comes in four colors: powder blue, powder pink, gipsy and sorbet. Its price: 10.90 euros. To learn more, click here.

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