April 17, 2024

Children: a bathtub so that the bath remains a privileged moment

Fun and smart

This bathtub, brightened with patterns printed on the background, will entertain baby during his bath. The color is: bright red / drawings and handles green anise.


It can be equipped with an ergonomic bath recliner, foldable tub feet and a drain hose. We no longer stop progress. The foldable bathtub legs are ultra practical and they have been designed to relieve the parents' back during this moment of important exchange with baby. Made of chromed steel, they play modernity in contemporary bathrooms. Top safety and stable, these four feet are equipped with anti-slip capsules.


She accompanies baby a long time and can be used with a bath ring from 7/8 months. It is indeed usable from the birth until about 2 years old.


It has a raised bottom, non-slip pads and a soft drain plug.

At Badabulle, you will also find many accessories such as the recliner that fits perfectly the body of baby. Cleverly designed in one block to prevent pinching, this deckchair is very comfortable for the still fragile skin of toddlers.
Its ergonomic shape embraces baby's body while maintaining it gently. It is also ... smart because it is equipped with perforations so that the water evacuates more easily. It is also safe ... thanks to its four ultra-fixed suction cups.

Its color: anise green

Its recommended selling price: 11 euros

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