May 29, 2023

Children and high-tech: young and already addicted!

Toddlers of the 21st century grew up with the boom of new technologies. Does high-tech carry risks for the youngest? What are the limits to be imposed on children? reviews this issue in the air.

The figures are alarming: the French spend an average of not less than 2,000 euros per year, for television, telephony, internet, PCs, video game consoles. games and the music. A figure markedly increasing in recent years. And while parents are mostly high-tech addicts, so are kids. They handle the computer mouse much better than their parents and each time win the game of Wii family. It seems that the famous legos or the old toys wooden grandparents live their last hours ....

"My four - year - old daughter masters both the iPhone and me. I downloaded some apps for her, she loves it! " explains Corinne, 34, interviewed in the daily "20 minutes". Very young and already addicted to these new technologies, that is what worries parents and specialists.

Dr. Barbeau, Child Psychiatrist, informs about games video that "It is the 6 to 13 year olds who bring them into the homes: parents are relatively distant from this technological culture. [...] These games have many bad reputations: they are accused of being violent, of preventing reflection, of creating an addiction or of locking up children in virtual universes ". If the games video are today part of the world of 70% of children, the risks associated with these new high-tech exist.

For Marie, 29, the essential thing is to impose limits: "My children are small and already very attracted to my phone and games video. I always set them limits. I let them play for half an hour because I do not want to take that pleasure away from them, but then I turn off everything. They are 4 and 7 years old and are already fascinated by high-tech. It is sad to note that they no longer have the slightest interest in games of classical societies ".

So play, spend some time in front of the television or in front of the computer screen, yes and it can even be beneficial, but provided you do it in moderation! Faced with this boom in high-tech, the role of parents is paramount: they must take the necessary time to explain to their offspring the risks they incur to be too addicted. The goal is to monitor the children to avoid possible drifts. "Parents must bring back to reality the children too absorbed by a world of fiction " explains the child psychiatrist. It will be understood, if you want to offer a gift that will please your child, bet now on the high-tech ... but watch it!

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