March 26, 2023

Children and parents will immerse themselves in the world of Tintin

And it's not over for the reporter, accompanied by his dog Snowy and seconded by Captain Haddock and the Dupond and Dupont! The lovers of Tintin will be able to go back to the heart of its adventures thanks to TF1 Entreprises and Moulinsart who decided to launch the first official collection of figurines Tintin.

Beautiful figurines for the whole family

Tintin, Snowy, Professor Tournesol, Captain Haddock, the Dupond and Dupont as well as all the other characters of the work ofHergé are gathered in this collection of unpublished figurines. The figures, which measure approximately 12 centimeters, faithfully reproduce the characters created by Hergé.

These magnificent reproductions were made in the greatest respect of the work ofHergé with a sharp knowledge of his line but also with a lot of imagination and ingenuity to solve various technical challenges related to the practical realization of the figurines, including the three-dimensional placing of the 2D world of Tintin.

Give honour where honour is due ! The first figurine in the collection is that of Tintin. Hard-core fans or collectors will be able to notice and appreciate the quality of the work, especially in the realization of the raincoat. Tintin. These figurines are enhanced on a sober and elegant base.

An unpublished booklet and a collector's passport will accompany each figurine

Each booklet is illustrated and consists of eight sections produced and commented by three specialists in the work ofHergé : Daniel Couvreur, Frédéric Soumois and Dominique Maricq. These booklets, which are based on an analysis of the adventures of Tintin and historical documents, will allow to discover and rediscover the universe of Tintin and its creator.

A true certificate of authenticity, the individual and numbered passport will present the cult phrase and the main characteristics of the person shown and his figurine.

Each issue is sold every two weeks at newsagents or by subscription clicking here. The first issue will go on sale on October 26th. 

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